Protecting the Nation's First State Dedicated Nature Preserve

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Protecting the Nation's First State Dedicated Nature Preserve



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Illinois Dunesland Preservation Society - Events

Protecting the Nation's First State Dedicated Nature Preserve

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Dunesland meetings are held four or five times a year on the third Saturday of the month at noon. They are held at the Illinois Beach State Park Resort. We have a luncheon meeting which features a speaker who focuses on an aspect of the environment or ecology.

The view of the lake from the resort is lovely! Please join us, you’ll be glad you did!

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There are many opportunities for volunteers to help Dunesland. We need assistance with mailings, contacting legislators, desktop publishing, publicity, press releases, program coordination, archiving documents, fund raising, and web site sales. We can also benefit from your new ideas!

If you would like to work outdoors at the park, there are special opportunities such as wetland burns, adopting a section of the park for monitoring, such as local creeks, ravines, birds, park boundaries, bluebirds, butterflies, reed grass, purple loosestrife, and others. There is also training for identification of plants and animals and dunesland topography.

Please contact Dunesland by email or by phone if you would like to volunteer.

Take Action

Share Your Time, Talent, and Treasure

There are many ways that you can help Dunesland and take action to help the environment. Please explore our web site to discover the topics that appeal to your quest to be of service. Contact us if you have new ideas. We’re always open to exploring new ways to share our message. Committed volunteers are our lifeblood.

If you are unable to share your talents at this time, perhaps you are able to make a donation to help facilitate the work of the volunteers in the trenches. Please go to our Gifting Page for ways to share your treasure.

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